Todd Godbout – Producer & Writer
Mr. Godbout is the Editor of the WineCompass; MyJoog; and the MyJoogTV video series, where he also appears as the host. His work has been reprinted in the Virginia Wine Lovers E-Newsletter and shared among dozens of wine related publications. He has also been invited to participate in several online wine panels as well as to cover several wine conferences. His latest venture at MyJoogTV.com pairs musicians with makers of wines, beers, and spirits in a lively discussion of music, spirits, and life.

David Godbout – Production Engineer
Mr.Godbout is the Proprietor of Digital Media Generation which is the production company utilized in the MyJoogTV.com video series. He has also filmed and edited music and film videos for with Corner Pocket Pictures, Park Life Productions, and 2nd Minute Films. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Media & Film from Towson University.

Danyelle Ballard – Host
Danyelle Ballard's passion for wine and viticulture is a result of being raised in the heart of the Napa Valley on B and G Harrison Vineyards, a grower for Stags Leap Wine Cellars. From years of watching the rigor of the tending of vines to preparing the must, Danyelle developed a deep appreciation for the evolution of wine from grape to glass. Danyelle’s childhood also brought a love for cooking that came easily with her pick of fresh food from the expansive family garden.
Upon graduation from high school, Danyelle represented Napa County at the Miss California pageant (a preliminary to the Miss America pageant) and was able to finance her undergraduate degree in Interior Architecture and Music from scholarships. Not long after her graduation when she moved to Virginia, Danyelle decided that her passion for wine and food was her true calling. She has spent the last six years as a Cake Artist creating delectable masterpieces for retiring members of the armed forces, corporate celebrations, and countless brides-to-be.