Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paradise Springs Winery - 2010 Governor's Cup Winner

This episode features Ms. Ballard visiting Paradise Springs Winery to discuss their award winning Chardonnay with owner Kirk Wiles. The music is provided by a good friend to the drink local community, Andrew McKnight.

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  1. How absolutely neat, ~ Virginia Wine TV. You picked a hostess that does not overpower the session with her natural beauty and compliments the state's wine industry. We arrived at Paradise Springs Winery during a very busy day, but were amazed how attuned the owners were to all visitors as they tried to give of themselves personally as much as they could. They let their wines speak for themselves and honestly credited the regions and owners where some of the grapes had come from in the state. We purchased several bottles here which I could easily say included one of the top three Norton wines available in Virginia.