Thursday, March 24, 2011

Talking Norton and DLW with Jennifer McCloud

Last year held their annual conference in Leesburg Virginia to showcase and promote the wines crafted in Maryland and Virginia. This year, their annual conference is being held April 2nd-3rd in St. Louis Missouri to showcases the wines of the Midwest. The most popular red wine grape grown in that area is Norton - which was actually first discovered in Virginia in the early 1800s. The grape migrated west with the German, Swiss, and Italian immigrants who settled in Missouri and the surrounding states. Eventually Norton production died out along the East Coast and survived primarily within Missouri vineyards. Slightly over 25 years ago, Dennis Horton migrated east to Virginia carrying some cuttings from Stone Hill Winery and re-established Norton back to its native terrior. Jenni McCloud soon became the second grower of Norton at Chrysalis Vineyards and today, has the world's largest estate of Norton vines. In this episode of Virginia Wine TV, Ms. McCloud elaborates on the history of Norton production and tastes us through several Midwestern and Chrysalis Norton wines. The music for this episode is provided by Arlington based Memphis 59. Their latest CD, "Ragged But Right" is highly recommended; as is The Wild Vine: A Forgotten Grape and the Untold Story of American Wine.

Virginia wineries that produce Norton Wine:
Missouri and Kansas wineries featured in the episode:

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