Monday, April 11, 2011

Virginia Wineries Hosting Live Music

Farm wineries are unique in that they perform three different types of economic activity. They are agricultural entities, growing and harvesting grapes and other fruit. They engage in manufacturing by turning the juice from these fruit into wine and bottling the fermented beverage. And finally, farm wineries participate in the service economy, by hosting events in their tasting rooms in order to attract consumers. It appears that one of the most popular events is hosting live music. Since live music has become an intricate part of the Virginia Wine Industry, we will offer continual coverage of these musical events as well as the artists who regular perform at wineries. The videos will be available at MyJoogTV using the VAWine label. For now, here is a list of wineries that regularly host live music and the artists you will find performing. And please, help us keep this list current.


  1. Well now, this is going to be a great journey....& greetings from Butterbean's Vineyards.......:):)

  2. And due do requests from our friends on the breweries side; we have added Virginia breweries who offer live music.

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